Role: Graphic Designer    
Target Audience: Chicago Wolves Fans (Youth)  
 Skills: Branding & Logo Design
What is the program?: The Chicago Wolves School by Skates Program is known for its commitment to education and youth development through hockey. It has undergone an exciting logo redesign to better reflect its mission and capture the spirit of its participants.
Problem: The problem that I had to solve was to redesign a logo that does a better job of successfully capturing the essence of the program's commitment to education and youth development through hockey.  
Solution: To solve this problem, I resigned the logo to look more visually pleasing by adding more bright colors and a simple font, so it can be geared towards the youth. 
Old & New Logo Comparison

Old Logo

New Logo

New Logo & Alt

New Logo

New Logo Alt

Grey Version

Font & Color Pallet
Backgrounds & Symbols 

Chalk Background

Notebook Background

Flyer & Parking Pass 

School By Skates Flyer

October Parking Pass

School Day Game Workbook
The Chicago Wolves School Day Game involves students engaging in interactive activities designed to simulate a school day experience. This workbook immerses participants in various educational challenges, fostering learning and fun. Through creative exercises and engaging tasks, players can enhance their knowledge while enjoying the excitement of the game.
Workbook Front & Back Cover
Inside Spreads Samples

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