Role: Graphic Designer  
Client: Ace Hardware Stores & Customers  
Skills: Branding & Social Media Design

What was the project?: For 2023, Ace Hardware wanted to refresh the creative for the current Everyday Color Sample Program. The program offers customers $5 gallons of paint when they purchase a color sample in-store. The current program ends in 2022.
Problem: The problem that I had to solve was to design an option that doesn't have any objects in the background so it doesn't distract the viewer from the main message. 
Solution: To solve this problem, I added something to not distract the viewer by adding a solid color to the background and adding a paint asset to support the main message.
Old Design
This was the option that was made last year. This design has a lot of options in the background making it distracting for the viewer to see the main message.

 2023 Design Options​​​​​​​
 Chosen Design

Out of the two designs, this was chosen because the background is not distracting and it is easier to see the message.
Chosen Design (Updated)

The chosen design was updated because the color scheme was off. So to fix that problem I made the shade of green lighter so it can be more visually pleasing.
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